Did you know that women in Australia typically have much less super than men?

Here are some facts:

  • In 2007, Australian women about to retire had an average of $35,300 less in super savings than men. Source
  • In 2009-2010, the average retirement payout (determined by the average balance for those aged 60 to 64) was $112,600 for women and $198,000 for men Source
  • The average super balance for men still adding to their accounts is $71,645 while women hold an average of just $40,475. Source
  • Women in full-time paid work still earn 18% less than men or $1 million less over a lifetime. Source
  • The average 60-year-old Australian woman would need to work an extra 25 years in order to retire with the same superannuation account balance as her male counterpart. Source

Did you ever wonder why super ads never compare men to women?

Just keep this shit in mind next time you get some tips about giving up coffee. Does it make sense that we act like this is each our own personal failing when it’s clearly the outcome of a sexist society that quite literally values men’s work over women’s?

Super-bad Gimp and Pixlr image work by Brianna Laugher.